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Opportunities don’t easily knock the door, but whenever they do, we must take it and embark upon it.

St. Francis Xavier School gave me the biggest opportunity that a student could get being in a School. Being the Head Boy of this prestigious institution, I assure the students and guardians a healthy environment in this School.

A fourteen year bond with this School placed me where I am today. My success is dedicated to my Parents, our School’s passionate teachers and our caring Principal Rev. Fr. Ivo R Dias who always inspired me to be a good person.

The best part in being in St. Francis Xavier School is that it does not only look up for academic excellence but also pays equal attention on Student’s Co-curricular and recreational activities. The School gives many opportunities to come forward and show the World what you have.

Never bend your Head, always hold it high. Look the world straight in the Eye.

Thank you

(Head Boy)