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St. Francis Xavier School, Hisar was established in 1991. It is one of the many educational institutions run by the Delhi Province of the Society of the Missionaries of St. Francis Xavier alias Society of Pilar.

The Society was founded in Goa way back in 1887. Fr. Bento Martins, an ordinary priest with an extraordinary vision, started this Organization with the aim of spreading Jesus' Gospel of human well being and universal love even beyond the borders of Goa. The school is named after St. Francis Xavier the Apostle of the East, a Jesuit priest of the 15th century, who is also the patron of our missionary society.

The Society of Pilar has over three hundred members serving the cause of the Gospel message of justice, freedom and love, in about sixty residential units and institutions spread all over India, and countries abroad.

The Province of Delhi is one of the four Provinces of the Society of Pilar created on July 2004, which commits itself to the services of the Society in seven States and two Union Territories of North India. The Pilar Fathers, however, have been working in these areas since 1950. Presently, the Delhi Province runs eight English medium Schools in Punjab and Haryana, besides several Boy's Homes, Dispensaries, and other social welfare projects, especially in the rural areas.

The School is ably managed and spearheaded by qualified, enthusiastic and committed members even from Goa and other States. The support and collaboration of the Sisters of the Franciscan Missionaries of Christ the King towards the fast growth of the school cannot be overlooked. Thanks to the untiring efforts of our pioneering members.